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About MoMAS® : Features


MoMAS ® if appropriately used, strengthens the grip of the extruder operator on the extrusion process.

Some features which contribute to the success of the Automation System:
Ease of using the system by the operator for process control and monitoring
By frequent interaction with operators and plant crew, MoMAS ® has been evolved to an
automation system which is powerful and yet simple to use. The simplicity of operation can be observed by looking at the operator instructions which can be downloaded: The operator switches on MoMAS, sets the extrusion rate for the first cycle at the PLC console as susual and starts the extrusion cycle. MoMAS ® monitors his settings, the default values for limits on process variable in the PLC and runs of process variables, and using these data, optimises the process from the background. Additionally the operator can set or change the limits on the allowable extrusion rate, billet temperature and profile temperature stored in the PLC. MoMAS ® takes these constraints into account by the optimisation.

The extrusion time and the temperature variation for each of the cycles is presented as a sequence in a bar graph. This enables the operator to observe the changes resulting from his inputs and adjust them suitably.

Automatic storing and retrieving of best inputs with the easy - to - use and - access database makes the first extrusion cycle as good as the best achieved hitherto for a die. All the process data is stored and can be archived and retrieved, e.g. over a LAN. The data can be exported in ASCII and can be used in any programme (e.g. Excel).

Communication between extruder PLC and MoMAS PC is simplified with OPC
Changes in PLC system or data base system can be effected by plant or local crew
No additional hardware apart from an Industry PC and sensors is necessary.

With the language select feature, the lLanguage in operator display can be selected with one stroke of a key.