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About MoMAS ® : Installation


Installation procedure (also see Checklist)

The installation consists of preparing the extruder and peripheral equipment, installation of a PC with the software, connecting the PC to the controlling PLC and putting the Automation System into operation.
The first step is acquiring the required hardware and software components, if not already available and installing them.

Hardware and software components necessary.
- Sensors for profile temperature at die exit and billet loader, ram position and
velocity and hydraulic pressure
- Industrial PC (Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP) for use in the shop floor
- Communication link between Industrial PC and PLC (Ethernet, OPC)
- MoMAS software.

 Preparation of the PLCs for installation
The PLC controlling the extruder is made fit for handling data transfer with MoMAS  computer. Process variables and handshake signals are to be monitored by the PLC and transmitted to the MoMAS PC. These signals consist of
- Profile exit temperature
- Billet temperature
- Pressure in hydraulic cylinder
- Position of ram
- Elapsed time
- Handshake signals concerning state of extrusion

Steps for installation and commissioning of MoMAS ®