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About MoMAS ® : User feedback


Some details regarding installed systems and their use (see also Download "Presentation")

Hitherto MoMAS ® has been installed for 20 extruders in various countries. In the
case of existing extruders being upgraded with MoMAS, the productivity increase registered after installation of MoMAS was noted to depend strongly on the initial condition of the extruder plant. The most spectacular result was a productivity increase of 14 %  (averaged over a few months). The following table gives the statistics collected in a
Production statistics of a typical industrial plant in a period of six months


  No. of billets extruded Mean ram speed
RMS error of profile
Standard deviation
of ϑΕ
With MoMAS 30 381 10.02 12.1 C 3.89 C
Without MoMAS 26 180  9.29 (28.8 C) 4.21 C

Note the increase in the mean extrusion rate of about 6% with MoMAS