MoMAS- Modulares Mess- und Automatisierungssystem für Strangpressen
......................Modular Messaurement and Automation System

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MoMAS® - and what it can do for an extruder

The installation of MoMAS ® upgrades performance both in existing and new extruders by providing the means to achieve maximum production and best product quality. At the same time it facilitates easy optimisation of process parameters for new products.
Furthrmore, MoMAS ® ensures robustness of the production proces.
These goals are achieved by employing computer control, non-contact temperature measurement sensors and a data base. A core task performed by the control algorithm is that iso-thermal extrusion is performed at the maximum allowed extrusion rate and at the same time process parameters are held in their prescribed limits.

MoMAS ® optimises extrusion by calculating best process inputs between successive extrusion cycles and transferring these to the PLC. 'Best process inputs' means that the extrusion rate is maximal, the profile exit temperature is constant at the desired value and simultaneously all process variables are kept within their allowed limits.

MoMAS measures and displays profile temperature, extrusion force, extrusion rate and billet temperature during every cycle and the extrusion time, idle times and the mean temperature over the cycles. The display gives the extruder operator detailed process information in an easy to read visual form and helps him keep tight control of the extrusion process.


MoMAS ® archives best process inputs for an order into a data base and automatically retrieves and uses these parameters for process control, if the order comes up again at a later time. This feature makes it possible for even an average extruder operator to operate the extruder under optimal conditions without any special training.

MoMAS ® thus offers operators and managers of extrusion plants a flexible and effective tool which can be employed to achieve desired optimisation and automation goals. The operator can select the degree of autonomy with which MoMAS® operates himself. He can even operate the extruder manually and yet exploit the information of process variables acquired and supplied by MoMAS® and its database. This provides the means for introducing the automation in steps, alleviates its application and makes it easily acceptable on the part of the operating crew.

MoMAS ® controls the exit temperature by suitably varying the extrusion rate automatically. It can be employed to achieve a reduction in the extrusion time per billet by employing exit temperature control in conjunction with a successive lowering of the billet furnace temperature.

In case controlled tapered heating is available, MoMAS ® can be employed to obtain constant exit temperature with constant ram velocity (Iso-thermal, iso-speed extrusion).

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